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At this time, there are no positions available for a postdoctoral associate on our team. However, we are constantly reviewing applications should the need suddenly arise. These applications should come from self-motivated Ph.D.-level chemists, biochemists and everyone in between. Applicants will preferably have a background in organic chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry or chemical biology, though all applications will be considered. Techniques and skills learned in the cross-disciplinary environment of our lab will prepare postdocs for the competitive industrial and academic job market. Please send a cover letter, CV and a list of three references to

Post-doctoral Positions in Chemical Biology
Graduate Students

Graduate students with an interest in both chemistry and biology are welcome to train in our laboratory. Department of Department of Medicinal Chemistry graduate students should contact Todd at or drop by 8-121 Weaver-Densford Hall to discuss the many opportunies available. Prospective graduate students are welcome to apply to the Medicinal Chemistry PhD Graduate Program by clicking here.


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